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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find a list of frequently asked questions. If you still have any questions, Click Here  to contact our Customer Service staff

Q: What is the main purpose of EmailKing?

EmailKing is one of the premiere companies with a goal of providing the customers with a high volume Email Sendout that can highly help them in transferring millions of messages while operating their business.

Q: Is it easy and reliable to use?

Through the help of the innovative technology, EmailKing has effective mass email software which can be used in a fast and easy manner. Through the use of a high volume email account, you are free to send more email messages anytime and anywhere.

Q: Is the contact list Import limited?

There are no restrictions in setting up your contact list; you have the power to add more contacts to your account since it has an unlimited capacity that you will be thankful for. With this, you can make the most out of your dependable email program.

Q: Is EmailKing really effective for the success of my business?

Social media is useful when it comes in promoting any specific business. Furthermore, we can assure you that the EmailKing’s email marketing system will greatly contribute in attaining the goals and missions of your company. In addition to this, you can save an amount of money since you will no longer need another printer. Email marketing is an effective alternative solution to various ways of promoting or sending your messages to the public and other companies.

Q: Can you offer the best and dependable mass email servers?

Yes, we are highly committed to serving our every valued customer with the best quality service of the email marketing services, with that we also come up with an effective technique by simply giving you the most reliable mass email servers that can help the business professionals to attain their goals and aims in their business operations.

Q: Is your service applicable to all types of email marketing?

Yes, despite of the unlimited capacity of contacts that we offer, our services are also applicable to different types of email marketing. To mention a few, these services include regular communication, promotional emails, as well as advertisement emails.

Q: What are the benefits of using your email marketing service?

Our services are truly beneficial to an individual and companies since, using the latter program; you can automatically save more time, effort and money in just delivering your important business messages. If you are an aspiring businessman who wants to meet high degree of sales and income in your business, surely the EmailKing is the best partner for you.

Q: Can you provide us with an easy and quick solution when our account gets blocked?

Yes, we do not want to disappoint our customer that is why we are always ready to come up with an effective solution to any problem that may arise while operating the business. We have the best and friendly technician that specializes in that type of problem.

Q: Will my account ever be blocked due to spam?

No your acount will never e shut down for spam until or unless your list contains spam traps.