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Affordable High Volume Sending Prices

Finally! EmailKing is here to offer you the most affordable and efficient email marketing deals where you can freely choose which package will suit your business well for it to grow bigger. We are offering you with specially made unlimited options and updates that cater the email marketing needs of your business.
The pricing of our email marketing services comes in three categories. You are free to pick the best package for you. Our packages include: Starting Up (Bronze), Growing Business (Silver) and Pro Marketer (Gold), which are all billed monthly.

Starting Up

Sender plan

This plan is very convenient for you if you have not more than 2000 subscribers. You can send up to 12,000 emails to your subscribers per month for FREE! No expiration, trial, credit card or contract.

Sending Volume

Price per month

50,000 100,000 200,000 300,000 300,000-500,000
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Growing Business High Volume

Sender plan

Upgrade your plan with additional features for your professional senders. EmailKing will be scaling with you while your business is growing. You an Optimize your email marketing even more with this enterprise-level plan! Features are more flexible and powerful to enable you to customize your email marketing strategies.

Sending Volume per month

Price per month

500,000- 1 million 1 million-2 million 3 million- 5 million 5 million to 10 million
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